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How To Harvest And Dry Garlic?

2020-09-03 15:11:24

Garlic should be harvested at the right time. When the involucre is swollen and bent downward, it is the right time to harvest the garlic sprouts. The optimal time for garlic harvesting is generally 20-25 days after the garlic sprouts are harvested. When the leaves are withered and the pseudostems are soft and not brittle, it is the right time to harvest.

If the garlic is harvested too early, the garlic will be tender and hydrated, and the organization will not be sufficient. It will tend to dry out after storage. When harvesting is too late, the garlic heads are easy to fall apart, and the garlic cloves are easy to scatter when the garlic is plucked, and lose the commodity value. 

When harvesting garlic, use shovel to dig on the hard ground and pull it out directly by hand on the soft ground. After turning frequently for 2-3 days, the stems and leaves can be stored after they become dry. Avoid rain during the drying process to prevent the garlic skin from turning black.

After the garlic matures, the outer scales gradually form a dry film, which can prevent the internal moisture from evaporating. The dormancy period of garlic is usually 2-3 months.

Low temperature and low humidity are conducive to garlic entering the dormant period and conducive to storage. The most suitable storage temperature for garlic head is about 0℃, and it is easy to germinate when the storage temperature is higher than 5℃. Garlic storage requirements: Garlic has entered a natural dormant period when harvested. Even if the environmental conditions are suitable, it will not germinate. However, it should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment to prevent mildew and rot. After the dormant period, garlic will germinate. When sprouting, it consumes nutrients, softens the meat, reduces the water content, and dries up the garlic cloves, which reduces the commercialization of garlic. 

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