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Why China garlic price is like riding a roller coaster at times.

2019-12-17 16:33:59

Being a garlic farmer in China is like riding a roller coaster at times, with garlic prices full of dramatic ups and downs.

Recent decades the best year is at 2016 since the soaring price. The farmers was sold at 10 yuan per kilo when harvested around May, about double the price a year ago.

That year the garlic price has been shooting up since July. Government statistics shows that the wholesale and retail price of garlic were 14.48 yuan and 15.78 yuan per kilo in October, surging by 90 percent and 67.9 percent respectively year on year.

The rising garlic price should not be seen as a sign of inflation but a temporary phenomenon fueled by poor weather and speculative buyers.

Freezing rain and snow at 2015 in the main plantation areas such as Shandong provinces affected garlic supplies. Total garlic production is about 20 percent lower than last year.

With expectations of rising price, money has been rapidly flowing into the garlic market. You can find lots of vehicles from others province stay in Jinxiang, which is the biggest main market in China, during the harvest periods, they are likely to put the money into the garlic since the easy price change.


Example of 2008.

In 2008, the garlic price from farmers suddenly dropped to 0.4 yuan per kilo from two yuan per kilo the previous year.

This price was so low that many farmers just left their garlic in the field as the money made by selling garlic was not enough to pay people to harvest it.

In 2009, garlic price started to go up, and the retail price hit 16 yuan per kilo during the harvest season. Sometimes one cart of garlic was resold many times, and the price increased many times also.

Continually same situation form the market, the price dropped dramatically in 2013.

Normally the big buyers are more likely to gain as they usually hoard tens of thousands of tons to force the price to go up, then sell it quickly, while smaller buyers are often too slow to react to the price change.

What actions in need to stable the China garlic price?

Many have called on the government to stabilize garlic prices and protect farmers’ interests.

Following are the ideas to share:

Lots of farmers are request the investors should be prevented from storing up large quantities of garlic in order to ensure market supply, also the governments store up garlic when there is an oversupply and release the inventory when the price surges. This can helpful for the healthy market grow.

Experts also hope that a database to supervise the country's garlic planting, production, inventory, and exports can be established to increase the transparency of the market and reduce unreasonable expectation and speculation.

Why the garlic from China is popular around the world?

-There is a whole industrial chain for kinds of garlic product. Once you visit the garlic capital, Jinxiang County, most of the farmer plant the garlic and do the package in the factory. Each type of service concerning garlic export are mature. This is the key for the competitive cost.

- China garlic cultivation dates back to a long period, we can say it have been brought from Middle East  about 2000 years ago, and locally named as Da Suan. During the long time planting, the smart farmers are well known how to grow the excellent garlic.

- Garlic grows better in the regions with temperature variation from 13 to 25 . Particularly when grown in sandy soils, that's exactly the situation in some area of China.

-Most of people like the garlic not only it is a nutritious vegetables and mandatory used in all over the world, but also the dish is not easy to avoid the garlic flavor.




Pure white/snow white skin fresh garlic



4.5cm-5.0cm, 5.0cm-5.5cm, 5.5cm-6.0cm, 6.0cm and up


Place of ORIGIN

Jinxiang County, Shandong, China.


(Packed in mesh bag or carton box)

1)Loose packing: 10kg/ctn, 30lbs/ctn, 10kg/mesh bag, 20kg/mesh bag

2) Small packing: 1kg/bag*10 bags/carton; 500g/*20 bags/carton; 200g/bag*50 bags/carton; 3pcs/bag,
10kg/carton; 4pcs/bag, 10kg/carton; 5pcs/bag, 10kg/carton.

3)Customized packing


Exporting standard and quality:

No root, clean, no black mold, not broken, no splits on the skin, no internal germination outgrowth, no insects or fungous stuff.


Price terms



Transporting and storing temperature

 -3 ~~ 0°C





Delivery time

Within 7 days after receiving the deposit


Brazil customer coming to visit us in Jixiang County.

How to find the serious garlic exporter in China?

We recommend the China Pioneer Garlic Group.

China Pioneer Garlic Group, located in Jinxiang County, the capital of China garlic industry, has more than 15 years’ experience in garlic export. They have four own factory to produce kinds of garlic product like the fresh garlic and dehydrated garlic.

Their customer come from more than 40 countries. like Brazil, Ecuador, Kuwait, Dubai, Senegal, Colombia, Costa Rica, Kenya, Turkey, Russia and Turkey.

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