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Stock Garlic Prices Pick Up

2020-05-12 17:41:41

Today, the purchase and sale of fresh garlic in Qi County, Sumu, and Zhongmu of Henan is accompanying, and the China Garlic Price remains basically normal. The warehouse garlic trading atmosphere has improved, the supply of goods has remained normal, and the store's intention to increase prices has increased. Increased.
The garlic trade in Jinxiang production area has picked up. The source of the goods to be sold is mainly the original source. The number of sellers in the market has decreased. The price of the stockist has increased. Some speculators have increased their intentions to follow up. Packaging buyers have replenishment. The enthusiasm has increased slightly, market customers have purchased on demand, and some hot-demand mixed-class shipments have accelerated. The Garlic Price has risen by about five points, and the market is slightly harder.
The quantity of fresh garlic on the Pizhou production area is average. Buyers purchase on demand, and prices remain normal. The garlic market continues to be weak, and there are more new sources in the market. Some large and small tonnage sellers are eager to reduce their positions. The general and secondary sellers are actively selling goods. The amount of grade garlic is not large, and the amount of small-size garlic is slightly increased.
The production volume of fresh garlic in the production area of Qi County is average. The seller sells the goods along with it. The purchasers are generally motivated to pick up the goods. The garlic market is still weak, some storers are more active in shipments, some storers adhere to the reserve price, purchase buyers are more cautious in picking goods, and they are more selective about poor quality sources. There has been a slowdown, and the overall transaction volume is average. The market of fresh garlic in Zhongmu production area is stable, the price is not fluctuating, and the trading volume continues to be normal. The price of fresh garlic is 1.00-1.10 yuan / kg. Garlic market is still weak, the storage enthusiasm of the store is acceptable, the asking price is concession, the purchase buyer's intention to follow up is not high, and the transaction price continues to fall.