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There Are Many Benefits of Eating Garlic

2020-05-13 11:55:51

In life, garlic can not only season, but also has many effects such as anti-allergy, anti-aging, and prevention of cardiovascular disease, but not everyone is suitable for eating garlic.

The role of garlic


Some ingredients in garlic have antioxidant and anti-aging properties similar to vitamin E and vitamin C.


Eating raw garlic daily can reduce the degree of allergic reactions, especially those caused by temperature changes.
Prevent cardiovascular disease

Improve hair

The volatile oil in garlic can speed up the blood flow to the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, and promote hair growth.

Enhance immunity

The fat-soluble volatile oil in garlic can improve the phagocytic function of macrophages, thereby enhancing immunity.

There are many ways to eat garlic

Sprouting garlic nutrition doubled

As long as the garlic cloves are not moldy and discolored, the sprouted garlic can be eaten. Studies have found that germinated garlic has a higher antioxidant effect than fresh garlic.

Fermented black garlic tastes good

After fermentation to make black garlic, the moisture of garlic will be reduced by about 50%, sugar and amino acids will be significantly increased, and the content of B vitamins will also increase.

Best eaten raw

Intact garlic contains alliin and garlic enzyme. When the garlic is crushed, these two components will interact to produce allicin, which is the main source of garlic's unique spicy flavor. In addition, the trace element selenium in garlic is very high, and moderate intake of selenium element can help anti-cancer effect. Mashed raw garlic can effectively retain allicin and kill bacteria and viruses.

Stew and smell

When cooking soup, stewed meat, especially pork belly and large intestine, many people are accustomed to put a few cloves of garlic, which can play a role in removing the odor of ingredients.

BBQ to spicy

Cumin garlic and charcoal-grilled garlic are sweet and soft, and the grilled garlic has almost no spicy taste. After eating, there will be no breath.

These people should be careful when eating garlic

Eye patients

Diarrhea patients

Raw garlic is very irritating. It is usually easy to digest if you eat less, but if you eat garlic when you have nonbacterial enteritis or diarrhea, strong stimulation will make the intestinal mucosa congested and edema worse, promote exudation, The condition deteriorated.

Severely ill

Eating spicy foods such as garlic and chili may cause obvious side effects to people who are seriously ill or taking medicines, which may not only cause old diseases, but also make the drugs ineffective or have a chain reaction with the drugs, affecting the body health.

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