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China Continues to Provide Quality Garlic to the World

2020-05-22 11:37:10

In China, the world's largest garlic producer, the importance of garlic is self-evident. Although Chinese farmers have accumulated a lot of planting experience, they are still working hard to improve the quality and taste of their products. Special circumstances have affected the garlic market. The most obvious one is that the international logistics process is blocked and the operation is not smooth. Freight takes longer and has many uncertainties. Another impact is on the demand side. The impact on industries such as the catering industry has reduced the demand for garlic. At present, the situation in China has improved and is basically stable. With the resumption of production, exports have gradually recovered. But at this stage, international trade is still affected by the development of special global conditions, and subsequent exports will also change as the situation. At present, no news has been received that countries have suspended imports.

Although Chinese garlic has been exported to most countries and regions, there are still many possibilities to expand existing markets or seek new markets. China Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality.The garlic branch said: "China's garlic export has a long history and has covered more than 140 countries and regions in the world. Nevertheless, Chinese garlic still has great potential in market development." When talking about organic products, the garlic branch mentioned, "At present, the demand for green food is increasing at home and abroad, and organic garlic has also been a hot spot in the industry in recent years, especially consumers in some European countries attach great importance to organic garlic. At the same time, China is also paying more and more attention to organic garlic, and many regions are constantly experimenting. It is believed that organic garlic will become more and more important at home and abroad in the future. "

From the demand for organic products, we can see people's increasing emphasis on health. Garlic is rich in nutrients and has not only entered people's tables as an ingredient since ancient times, but also has high medicinal value and is widely loved by consumers around the world.