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New Garlic Prices Increased Slightly

2020-06-18 09:55:46

The new season of garlic was launched in May. Affected by the high price of garlic last year, farmers in this season have a high enthusiasm for planting. This season, the yield of new garlic per mu is high and its size is significantly larger than the average of previous years. Recently, Helen accepted an interview with FRESH PLAZA on the recent garlic market. "Affected by various factors, the garlic market has undergone many violent fluctuations since the Spring Festival. Since the shipment of new garlic, the market has been relatively sluggish, but the price has increased slightly in the past two days due to the active inventory of storage companies and the sales of farmers." Helen said, "At present, the purchase price of garlic is only about 1.3 yuan/jin, almost two times lower. The reason is mainly due to the high output of new garlic this year, coupled with the large amount of old garlic stocks in the market, and the oversupply of product circulation. The current FOB Qingdao port price of garlic is only 550 US dollars / container. "Helen said," but the lower price has promoted our sales. Recently, our overseas orders have also increased. At present, our factory processing list has been arranged after mid-June. When talking about the garlic market in recent months, Helen said, “Although there have been maritime vessel suspensions and slower port operations during the public crisis, the demand for garlic in overseas markets has been relatively stable. From February to In April, due to processing, logistics and other factors, the amount of products available for overseas markets was small, and China Garlic Prices continued to rise. Until the beginning of April, garlic prices fell steeply, from 8,000 yuan/ton, all the way to the recent 2,800 yuan/ton, the weekly price drops by nearly 1,000 yuan/ton." "I think that the garlic market will be more stable in the coming weeks. Because the prices of growers are low this year, it is difficult to make profits, and they may be reluctant to sell. Storers also choose to store according to the market, and prices will not fluctuate too much. In the long run, I think garlic price 2020 will run at lower prices. The price advantage should increase the export volume and increase the demand for garlic in overseas markets. "