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How to store China fresh garlic

2018-09-03 15:56:15

How to store the garlic?

The garlic has one internal germination which makes the commercial value not exist once group up. The harvest time of JINXIANG garlic of China is in June. At the time of harvest, garlic germination is only 10% of the total garlic clove section length. This situation can be kept for 3 months without significant change. So from June to end August it is safe to put garlic outside refrigerator. After August we keep our garlic in our cold warehouse to ensure no germination growth. But if we are shipping to you from Qingdao which is in north China, we have to use the cold storage or reefer garlic after end August so that its germination will not move.

Using reefer HQRF containers should be able to guarantee you safely against humidity damage and sprouting, because normally reefer containers set the temperature at -3 C or 27 F .This is the safe temperature to keep the garlic from internal germination growing.

Garlic is safe from internal germination growing or sprouting at a temperature range either above 25 C or below 0 C. If between 0 C and 25 C then its germination will easily grow. So if your country's local temperature is above 25 C it should be safe after you unload the container for at least one month to 45 days before the germination grows out of the garlic. In other words, you have a 30-45 day shelf life as long as your local temperature is above 25 C. Otherwise the shelf life is rather shorter. Normally shipping companies like Maersk sets the humidity control at 65%. Ventilation can be set at closed at the middle or late stage of the season because the skin of the garlic is already dry. But once you unload the garlic out from reefer containers you must stack them under good ventilation. Stack them rather loosely instead of tightly. If possible get an electric fan to blow wind on them.

Sometimes garlic may get temperature burn. People call it burnt garlic or waxed garlic. This is because the garlic may have got too much sunshine or too low temperature in the cold storage.

If HQRF container is always plugged in with electricity at the set temperature and humidity, it will not go bad in transit to your destination. In summer, for destination ports in Asian countries, we can safely ship the garlic in one door open 20' FCL dry container to save the ocean freight.

Our Pioneer Garlic Group have many years of experience to ship excellent quality garlic to you, and help you to store better in your country, avoiding any bad germination or burnt garlic to happen.


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