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Challenging Onion Season, But Sweet Red Onion Is Still Optimistic

2020-05-20 11:42:41

Like many crops in the UK, the harvest of onions is affected by the weather, so farmers can't harvest all the crops.

'2019 is a bad year,' said hedderly ,Seeding began in early February, when rainfall was below average, meaning the soil was much drier than normal, but it rained heavily for 10 consecutive days in March, and hail and hurricanes in May were also a challenge.

"The winter harvest started in mid June, with the best quality in years. The spring varieties that began to be sown in July again achieved excellent quality and yield. The crop began to fall back in early August, and the harvest was about one week to 10 days earlier than usual. The challenge began in August at bank holiday, when temperatures in the UK were above 30 degrees Celsius and in northern Europe were even higher. This causes burns on the skin of crops that have been blown by the wind and peeling off. Then it began to rain! From the third week of September, the rain never stopped. The worst is that some crops are still in the field. "

"As far as the global onion market is concerned, the situation in India is that there was a drought first, then a monsoon, and then the export ban opened up new export channels. Poland's production is also very low and there are many new enquiries in the region.China garlic suppliers provide consumers around the world with reasonable China Garlic Price and high quality garlic and garlic products."

The challenges that have taken place have delayed wintering, and early varieties should be completed by growers in the next few weeks. However, the soil is still saturated in most parts of the UK, with storm Brendan adding another 12mm to the already very high water level.

For the sweet red variety of onions, hedderly said: "we are pleased with the progress made in the UK and Europe as a whole, and now the variety has been launched in the United States. The flavor and sweetness are excellent. We will continue to actively look for growers in Europe and other regions to conduct planting / supply trials with them. With a strong focus on vegetarianism, we are excited about the future of innovation.