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How to pickling fresh garlic

2020-05-21 15:38:13

How to pickling fresh garlic


How to pickling fresh garlic

1. The method of pickling white-skin garlic with raw salt: select 5 kg of fresh-skin garlic, remove the roots and bulbs of the garlic, put them in a container, layer a layer of garlic and a layer of salt, and stir well After filling, pour 17 degrees of brine (0.75 kg of salt into 10 kg of water), when the brine and garlic are normal. Press the garlic down with your hands the next day, and the garlic will sink to the bottom automatically after 14 days.


2. The method of pickling salted garlic with cooked salt: Expose the fresh garlic to the sun for 5 to 6 days, so that some of the garlic skin will automatically fall off due to the evaporation of water. After washing away the soil and garlic skin, continue to dry for 1 to 2 days , After the garlic peels off, you can proceed to the next step. Put the salt (the ratio of garlic to salt is 6: 1) into the pot, stir fry with heating, until the salt color turns yellow. Put the garlic in the pot and stir with a tool until all the garlic adheres to the salt. Take out the garlic and put it in a cool and dry place for 2 to 3 days. Then put it in the container layer by layer and seal for 4 months. Garlic pickled in this way has a dark red color.


3. Pickling technology of white garlic


The raw materials of pickled white sugar garlic are: white garlic 10 kg, sugar 5 kg, table salt 300 g, cold water 2 kg.

The preparation method is: first remove the stalks of white garlic, peel off the two layers of skin, soak in clean water for 7 days, change the water once a day, soak until there is no spicy taste, remove it and put it in a clean container to dry. Since the sugar garlic is marinated, it can be eaten without washing, so it is necessary to pay attention to hygiene during marinating to prevent dust and debris from entering the container.


4. Pickled in summer, generally around 15 . Pickled in winter, the room temperature should not be too low. Because the temperature is too low, it will freeze and crack the container, affecting the quality and pickling of sugar garlic.


5. When pickling, it is best to check every 7 days to see if there is any smell. Two months later, the garlic was light yellow.


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